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Fruit of the date palm, widely grown in a large zone between North Africa and the Middle East, Horn of Africa, South Asia and some parts of the United states (California, Arizona). There are hundreds of date cultivars but we process and pack mainly two varieties; Persian” Sayer” and Tunisian or Algerian “Deglet Nour (Noor)”. The date palms grow in the tropical and subtropical climates. Caramel-like naturally sweet, delicious and soft to bite stone free dates are carefully selected and can be enjoyed as a healthy, vegan and guilt-free energy booster snack, right out of the bag..

Origin: Algeria, Tunisia
Botanical name : Phoenix dactylifera L.
Cultivars : Deglet Nour (Algerian, Tunisian) (conventional & organic)
Harvest time : October – November
Production site : System Multifood, Aegean Freezone, Izmir
Packing: in trays (carton, foam, plastic, wooden) flowpack (100-500 g), pillowbags 50-1000g, doybags 200 – 1500 g,

*Whole fruits pitted or with pit, chopped, pastes

*Both conventional and organic fruits are available in regular moisture or soft (rehydrated)

Deglet Nour (Noor) meaning “fingers of light”, is considered to be among the most popular dates. It is known for its light amber, translucent appearance revealing its seed and elongated shape. They are grown in the oases located in southern Tunisia and Algeria.
The date palms are ancient plants that have been cultivated for more than 8000 years. It takes 5 to 8 years before you can harvest dates from the palm tree, but on the other hand, the date palm has a life cycle that can last up to 100-150 years. Date palm is dioecious, that is, one needs to plant both male and female trees to bear fruit.
In some countries, date and date syrup is used as a sugar substitute but dates are not only rich in sugar, they are great sources of dietary fiber, vitamin and minerals such as selenium, calcium and magnesium also an excellent source of iron and potassium.

nutrıtıonal values


282 kcal


0,4 g

Saturated Fat

0 g


2 mg

Carbohy- drate

75 g


8 g


63 g


2,5 g


3,0 mg

packaging options

block bottom

quatro seal

pillow pack



plastic tubs

wooden tray

bulk cartons