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Research on the historical origin of the vine shows that this plant has been cultivated in the Mediterranean region since 3500 BC. Although initial usage was for wine making, Archeological findings prove that grapes were widely cultivated all around Anatolia . The cultivars Thompson Seedless and Sultanas (or Sultanina) are synonyms. The name Thompson Seedless is mostly used in The United States and Sultana is the name used in Turkey. Actually when dried, we use the name “raisin” and “sultana” to differentiate the drying method.

Botanical name: Vinis vitifera L.
Origin : Izmir & Manisa , Turkey
Harvest Time : August, September
Cultivars : Thompson Seedless or Sultana (Sultanina)
Production site: Vesta Izmir 2 ( Kemalpasa)
Packaging styles : Bulk (cartons of 12.5 or 5 kg) , retail bags : pillow bags 50-1000 g, doybags 200 – 1500 g, quatroseal 200 – 500 g, miniboxes : 14 g to 50 g

*Both conventional and organic fruits are available

Both types are sun-dried. Thompson raisins are dried naturally in the vineyards but the Sultana raisins are first dipped into a solution (water, potassium carbonate and olive oil) before being laid on the drying beds, this procedure enables a quicker drying period and therefore Sultanas raisins have a lighter brownish color than the  dark brown “raisins” or Thompson raisins. Sultanas and raisins are Turkey’s traditional export products, and is one of the region’s major source of wealth. More than 57.000 families’ major income in the Aegean Region of Turkey comes from sultana/raisin production making Turkey the world’s largest exporter of dried grapes.. Despite their small size, sultanas and raisins are packed with energy and rich in fiber, vitamins (especially B1 & B2) , minerals and inulin. Latest studies show that inulin helps fight and prevent some types of cancer.

nutrıtıonal values


299 kcal


0,5 g

Saturated Fat

0,1 g


11 mg

Carbohy- drate

79 g


3,7 g


59 g


3,07 g


1,88 mg

packaging options

block bottom

quatro seal

pillow pack



plastic tubs

wooden tray

bulk cartons